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It is Important to Know Your Rights and Think First about the Law Before You Speak or Act

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, police abuse continues to be a major civil rights problem in the United States, particularly against the poor and disenfranchised.

Today's conservative courts generally support broad police powers at the expense of individual civil rights.

Ukiah and Mendocino County law enforcement are no exception. Illegal DUI stops and arrests happen here, and police statements and "advice" are often misleading. Get smart and learn your rights, so that you don't wind up on our Ukiah DUI lawyer Darwin DUI Awards!

You May Wish to Read the Following Internet Publications which Discuss Your Rights During DUI and Other Police Encounters

Police Confrontations:

Special Situations:

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For Mendocino County DUI arrest situations and all other kinds of Ukiah police encounters, visit

Also view the additional page links (upper left) on this Know Your Rights page: Bust Card offers generalized considerations for Ukiah DUI police stops, and Excessive Force & Police Abuse discusses local Mendocino County efforts to address police abuse during DUI arrests and all other kinds of police encounters, and lists all available local police agency complaint forms, and provides a continuing source of national police misconduct news stories.

In addition, on this Mendocino County DUI site Ryan lists internet links for a wide array of civil rights organizations, as well as websites for every single Ukiah and Mendocino County law enforcement agency. To view these "Agencies" links (and lots more access to the law and law enforcement), click on Resources and then select a category.

Consult a Mendocino County DUI lawyer for legal advice:

Note any publication dates on the above materials and understand that laws change, and in addition your circumstances may require different considerations. None of this information is legal advice because it isn't individually directed or tailored to you; always consult with a Ukiah DUI attorney, or other applicable professionals, about your unique situation.